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A front door is a focal point of a dwelling or building - it sets the mood for the inhabitant or visitor. Yorgen Quent Kvinsland founded ArtStruct on the belief that a front door is an often underutilized blank canvas for creative expression and personal enrichment. A front door can express the owner's personality and individualism, create a lasting impression, and "set the mood" for the entire building.

An identifying signature developed by ArtStruct is a wooden end-grain pattern, where sections of the end-grain texture may be replaced with original artwork either from the ArtStruct collection or introduced by the client. ArtStruct art doors combine fine craftsmanship with artistic expression. They are one-of-a-kind works, crafted from permanent, sustainable, and recycled materials.

An entryway is a focal point, an opportunity to make a memorable impression. -YQK

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