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CONSTRUCTION... discovering a wealth of special features

Construction - ArtStruct Art Doors are thicker, heavier, and stronger than the average door. While all doors are pre-hung, installation of a provided specialized door jam is necessary to insure the integrity of the product. The thickness of the doorframe fits most standard hardware.

Specifications - Each ArtStruct door is an original, and designed specifically for each client. Because of this, dimensions, materials, and artistic expression elements vary. Go to the Gallery section for product examples and currently available artwork from the ArtStruct Collection. See our Portfolio and Concepts.

Price - ArtStruct Doors generally range in price from $5,000 and up, depending on complexity of components and design. The door price does not include crating, shipping, knob and lock hardware, or installation.

How To Order - General inquiries are welcomed. Contact ArtStruct to discuss your needs and obtain current lead times to construct. A work order will be prepared for approval. Work orders will be executed upon receipt of deposit.

Shipping - All merchandise is shipped freight collect. Every attempt will be made to ship in the most cost effective way. Crating charges will be added depending on size and weight. A firm estimate on all shipping costs will be given at the time of order. ArtStruct products will be covered by the standard insurance terms of the freight carrier.

Terms and Conditions - 50% of the final cost is required with each order. All deposits are non-refundable. Client will be invoiced for the balance due as order is completed. Final payment must be received prior to shipment or delivery. An initial deposit for the design stage may be required for some orders.